Why benchmark?

MSF employs people for a broad range of jobs and skill levels who ensure that MSF can deliver quality health care to those who need it.

For that we want to ensure that we are able to recruit the best, most committed professionals. We often work in locations that lack publicly accessible information on common market practice, cost of living and decent living wage.

MSF wants to ensure that our mandate can be carried out under the highest quality standards while at the same time ensure that our employees are treated fairly, money and funds are used in a sustainable way and local norms are respected.

There are economic, social and legal reasons why benchmarking is esssential e.g., employees can provide for their families, retain staff, keep the intrinsic motivation, not disrupt the labour market, relevant differences between capital and rural areas, comply with labour laws…

MSF benchmarks consists of both field and desk research, including data collection, talking to people, and getting to understand the labour market and socioeconomic context we work in.

We analyse the labour market, the competitiveness of salaries and as well estimate the minimum living wage (by surveying minimum household costs) and gaps in the compliance with internal and external policies.